Mosaic Luxury Collection manages a collection of award-winning, boutique hotels under the Moorish Hotel Group, a leading, full-service hospitality company.

The Benefits of Joining the Mosaic Luxury Collection:

Being a member of Mosaic Luxury Collection signifies being part of an international network with all the advantages that entails. A raised image for your hotel, professional performances, well-tuned partnerships, and inspiring, like-minded colleagues; are the elements you can count on by belonging to this association. They are valuable assets that lift your business, motivate your employees and give you enormous pride to be a member of Mosaic Luxury Collection.

  • Leading luxury hotel brand offering the best customer experience
  • Worldwide presence and distribution of your hotel
  • Dedicated support every step of the way
  • Worldwide Exposure Through Marketing, Social Media, and Public Relations
  • Worldwide sales team support and opportunities
  • Be part of a community of unique independent luxury hotels
  • Achieve a high return on investment
Why Mosaic Luxury Collection

Mosaic Luxury Collection is at the forefront of the luxury travel market. We have the experience, resources, and strategies to develop the true potential of your hotel. Becoming part of Mosaic Luxury Collection delivers tangible business benefits and offers a real return on investment.

Mosaic Luxury Collection’s main objective is to focus on member hotel delivery, reservations, and maintaining the brand’s quality at minimum cost to the hotels. By being part of the brand, your visibility and profile will be enhanced, your revenue will be maximized and your independence will be preserved.

We are committed to serving the world’s finest luxury boutique hotels and resorts.

  • Focused Niche Brand
  • Least Expensive Channel
  • Stay Independent
  • All-Inclusive Fees
  • One-stop distribution
  • Travel Agency Focus
  • Powerful website
  • loyalty & Recognition
  • Brand recognition
  • Quality, quality, quality
  • account management
  • Differentiated marketing